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Weather in Armenia during April 2019 – Visit Armenia

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Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth of nature and feelings. Spring, spring, time to love…

In Armenia, April is perceived in a special way: the month is full of holidays and events, moreover, April is associated with the most important thing – with warm weather. The sun in Armenia, in particular – in Yerevan, can render you a pleasant service: it shines from morning till evening, and there can be no cloud in the sky. Although sometimes rains can seep into this idyll, but the temperature of the air remains at a comfortable level, and small rains only add vivacity and freshness to the spring-country.

Armenia in April

Weather in Armenia by April 2019

In April, the number of tourists in Armenia boldly grows. The weather is getting warmer, and you can already safely go to rest in Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Sevan and Jermuk and not be afraid of the night cold.

Despite the fact that here the temperature at night is still around -1°C, it is much warmer in the afternoon and evening, around +7°C … +10°C, and the sun shines much more often. In addition, in these parts you can improve your health and breathe fresh air.

Since the ski season in Tsakhkadzor closes in mid-April, April is the best month for health tours to Armenia in Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Sevan and Jermuk!

In the capital of Armenia, in Yerevan, in April, everything is much more colorful: in the air is temperature is already a steady plus, and it is around +18°C … +22°C.

Just do not forget to bring your denim jackets and windbreakers with you, because April, after all, is quite capricious, and the days can be cloudy and cool.

April in Armenia

Travel to Armenia in April 2019

Holidays in Armenia in April 2019 should be organized in order to experience the festive spirit of the people: in April in Armenia, there are lots of festivals, holidays and interesting events. Besides, you can get to Armenia at Easter and see how Armenians celebrate one of their favorite holidays!

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