Booking policy

  • The guest can book the tour online, or in order of any questions and special inquiries, personalized tours, a written inquiry should be made on following email addresses: incoming@united.am, info@united.am .
  • United Travel agency undertakes to get to the client’s questions and inquiries by giving full information, within 2 business days after getting the order.
  • The client can not hand over the promises to a third party without the agent’s agreement.

Payment policy

  • Payment must be completed in 2 steps: 1) prepayment online by credit card and 2) the rest of the payment upon arrival to Armenia by cash.The amount of prepayment is fixed 100$, despite the price of the tour and number of guests on the tour
  • 3% card service charge is applied from the online payment amount
  • After the payment is done, the invoice with all major information and paid amount is sent to the guest. The invoice can be provided in your preferred currency (USD, RB,EURO).
  • For the comfort of our guests who visit Armenia from abroad, we make payment possible in foreign currencies (USD, RB, EURO). If the guest wants to pay in local currency, the Armenian dram, the foreign currency fixed in the invoice is being exchanged based on actual exchange rate.

Cancelation policy

  • If the individual or the group want to cancel the reservation they should inform the company ASAP by sending a written email on incoming@united.am, or info@united.am
  • In case of cancelation up to 48 hours the Agent transfers back 100$, the bank charges uplied
  • The cancelation must be communicated to the agency, 48 hours ahead, otherwise the prepayment fixed 100 $ is non-refundable
  • In case of no-show the prepaid 100$ is non-refundable


  • All kind of information gained from both parties, shall be considered confidential and must not be communicated to the third party


Force Majeure


  • The both parties are relieved from responsibilities due to unexpected circumstances ( flood, fire, terrorism attack, earthquake, war etc.)