May Holidays in Armenia 2019

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Without exaggeration and the share of cunning, May is the best month of the year to visit Armenia. The sun is not as burning as in summer, but the winds from the Armenian mountains are no longer met either. Since May is not a beach season, it is possible to spend a few days in a hospitable land – Armenia, enjoying its mild sun, its nature and exploring historical sights.

Several reasons to organize your vacation in May 2019 in Armenia

Weather in Armenia in May 2019

Armenia is located on the subtropical climate zone, but on the whole, the climate here is continental: it is very hot in summer and cold in winter. In May, the weather in Armenia is very pleasant, but in this season there are sharp drops in the weather. For example, in Yerevan in the daytime in May, the temperature averages from + 24 ° С, but during the month the temperature can either rise to + 28-29 ° С, then drop to + 17 ° С. At night, in May, in Yerevan, it is pretty cool, up to + 8 ° C, so you can not do without warm outerwear, windbreakers or a jacket.

If you plan to visit and stay in the capital, then it is quite warm here. Another thing is if you decide to stay in resort cities such as Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Jermuk. Here you will definitely need a sweatshirt, jacket, sneakers, you can even have a hat and a sweater to throw on yourself in the evening. And do not forget the tea thermos. In the afternoon it is +9 + 15 ° С, in the evening +5 + 9 ° С.

Wine Festival in Armenia 2019

Another reason to visit Armenia in May is that this month is incredibly festive and full of events. At the beginning of May, from May 3 at 4:00 pm to May 4, 4:00 pm, a wine festival, held by all Armenians and guests, takes place on Saryan Street in Yerevan. Here you will feel the spirit of the local people who will never miss the opportunity to drink a glass of real Armenian wine and walk in the beloved capital in the evening. This is a great opportunity to grasp the daily life of young people in the capital and try the most delicious pomegranate, grape wines and various sorts of cheese!

Independence Day – Armenia May 28

In May, in addition to the May holidays, there is another significant day in Armenia – the Republic Day, which is a non-working day in the country. Otherwise, this day is called the Day of Restoration of Sovereignty. After six centuries spent under the yoke, in 1918, Armenia regained its independence. Despite the fact that the Soviet Republic was proclaimed on December 2, 1920, this day is a very important date for Armenians, since the homeland was declared independent for the first time.

May Holidays Tour in Armenia 2019

If you are planning to visit Armenia in May, then you should know that United Travel has already developed a tour for you for May 2019 in Armenia. The only thing you need is to contact us, choose the number of days of the tour, and it will be organized at the highest level!

Armenia is waiting for you!

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