Combined Tours


9 Days

Armenia is the only modern country in the world that you can find on the Babylonian map of the world. Until nowadays, Armenia represents a real treasure for explorer lovers worldwide. The most ancient shoes in the world as well as the oldest wine cellars found in Armenia. The Armenian Stonehenge- Zorats Karer, older than Stonehenge itself as well as older than Egyptian pyramids. This 9-day Archaeological tour in Armenia gives you a unique experience to go back in times and discover the centuries-old history of this small country.

7 Days

7 day introductory classical tour around Armenia is for those who plan their first visit to Armenia. Feel the unique colors and traditions of this hospitable country and learn about one of the oldest countries in the world.

6 days

The food is the easiest way to understand and estimate the soul of the nation. Gastronomic tour to Armenia is tailored for the true admirers