Republic of Armenia is located in the South Caucasus. The country borders with Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The climate in Armenia is markedly continental. Summers are dry and sunny, the winters are quite cold and snowy. Armenia is situated 1800m above sea level and its actual territory is 29800 square km.

Yerevan is the capital of the country, as well as one of the oldest cities in the world. Its history dates back to 8th century BC. According to the 2016, the population of Armenia is 2.925 million people. In spite the fact, only the 2/3 of Armenians from all over the world live in Armenia.

The national language in Armenia is Armenian, though Russians and English are widely spoken as well.

The national currency is Armenian dram. It was put into circulation in 1993, after the country became independent from Soviet Union. All the deals are made in local currency.


Do You Need a Visa?

If you are traveling to Armenia, you might need a visa for your trip. Use our visa search tool below to enter your citizenship country and travel document type to determine if you are required to obtain a visa or not.

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Are there any vaccination requirements for Armenia?

No vaccination is required for Armenia. The only issue can be the high elevation of some places in Armenia, that can cause high blood pressure.

What is the best season to travel to Armenia?

The touristic season usually start from April and continues up to October. Take into consideration that the summer in Armenia is rather hot. For skiing season, the best season starts at the end of December till February.

What is the currency in Armenia?

All the deals are accomplished in Armenian Dram. You can find exchange points and banks all over the country.

Is wifi accessible in Armenia?

All over Yerevan there are free wifi spots

Is it dangerous to stroll over Yerevan at night?

Armenians are very friendly and it is not frequent to have problems with local population.

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